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Procurement Regulations and Policies

Contracting and Procurement Directive

Procurement in YG must follow the Contracting and Procurement Regulation and Contracting and Procurement Directive.

Maintaining the integrity of the Government of Yukon procurement process is essential to protecting the public interest. The following principles apply to all YG procurements as established in the Contracting and Procurement Regulation and Contracting and Procurement Directive:

  • Fairness – to observe procedural policies free of bias, personal interest and conflict of interest.
  • Openness and transparency – to create the maximum number of competitive procurement opportunities, and to be transparent in the way business is conducted.
  • Fiscal responsibility – to justify contracting and procurement decisions and actions as appropriate in the circumstances.
  • Competition – to open procurement opportunities to the maximum number of respondents.
  • Value for money – to focus on efficiency, economy and effectiveness to obtain the maximum benefits with the resources available.
  • Accountability – to be willing and able to account for the way contracting and procurement activities have been conducted.

Contract Regulation - O.I.C. 2013/19

Contract Regulation and Procurement Directive

Procurement Policy, effective April 1, 2019 

Green Procurement Policy

In 2010, the Government of Yukon developed the Green Procurement Policy to enhance environmental protection and support sustainable development in government operations.

More specifically, the intent is to implement this policy in a way that supports the government’s goals with respect to the Climate Change Action Plan.

The Green Procurement Policy states that Yukon government will, where practical, specify environmentally preferred products and services in all procurement actions related to goods, services and construction.

Trade Agreements

Public procurement is also governed by trade agreements to ensure that all procurements are open, fair and transparent. Trade agreements aim to reduce barriers to trade in order to increase competitiveness, economic growth and stability amongst the different jurisdictions.

Yukon government is signatory to one main domestic agreement, the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and two international agreements, the World Trade Organization-Government Procurement Agreement (WTO-GPA) and the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

The CFTA requires that contracts valued over $25,300 for goods and $101,100 or more for services and construction be publicly advertised and procured.

Under both the CFTA and the CETA, Yukon has an exception to use a limited number of procurements each year to promote regional economic development, provided they do not support monopolistic activities.

Find out how the Yukon government is using its exceptions.

Find out more about current CFTA thresholds.

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