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How to do business with Yukon government

The Government of Yukon (YG) is a major buyer of goods, services and construction, spending more than $300 million annually. Each year YG enters into contracts with vendors for everything from office supplies to major construction. Yukon’s Contracting and Procurement Directive is designed so that procurement is fair, open and transparent.

What you need to know to do business with Yukon government

What do Yukon government buy?

Who can sell to Yukon government?


Procurement Policies

Tender Management System

Procurement Methods (a guide to acronyms)

Preparing your response

How do I respond to opportunities?

Performance contract terms and conditions

Submitting your bid

If you have questions about a tender opportunity

Tender criteria

After you submit a bid/proposal

How will I know if my bid/proposal was successful?

What if my bid was unsuccessful?

How will I get paid?

What do Yukon government buy?

Yukon government buys a wide range of products and services.

Government of Yukon regularly buys a wide range of goods and services from suppliers in Yukon and elsewhere to support the programs and services delivered to the people of Yukon.

In Yukon government, each department is responsible for procuring its own services or construction. Within the departments there are employees who we call “procurement authorities”, which means they have the authority to enter into a contract or to undertake procurement on behalf of YG.

All goods purchases over $1,000 are generally the responsibility of Acquisition Services and Planning (ASAP), which is delegated as the central authority for buying goods and some services used by all departments and agencies.

Who can sell to Yukon government?

Individuals and business of all types, including sole proprietors, corporations and partnerships, may respond to YG tender opportunities. All public tenders are posted on the Tender Management System (TMS).

Each tender describes the goods, services or construction required. Make sure that you fully read and understand the requirements as stated in the tender documents. After you have fully read the document you must carefully consider whether you will be able to meet the stated requirements.

You may choose to bid on your own, or you may collaborate with other suppliers to form a team to deliver the goods, services or construction. Just remember, for all bids, one supplier must be a legal entity capable of entering into a contract and designated as the lead (or prime) contractor, with legal responsibility for undertaking the work.

For a summary of the types of business entities in Yukon and how they can enter into contracts, please visit Corporate Affairs.


Goods – articles, commodities, equipment, goods, material or supplies, which may include installation, warranty and maintenance agreements

Services – the furnishing of labour, time or effort by a contractor that does not produce goods

Procurement authority – any person who has the authority under the Act to enter into a contract or to undertake procurement on behalf of the government

Construction – the building, erection, maintenance, repair, renovation, alteration and demolition work on building and civil engineering works, including land clearing, earth moving and site preparation work.

Preparing your response

How do I respond to opportunities?

Each tender opportunity is different, so read everything very carefully. You may need to read the document a number of times to make sure that you have not missed anything that was required for a bid or proposal submission.

  • Bids submitted in response to a Request for Bid or Invitational Price Request usually involve filling out the required information, signing the document and submitting a price on the bid form contained in the tender documents.
  • Proposals submitted in response to a Request for Proposal, Request for Qualifications or an Invitational Request for Proposal will require a little more work on your part with a written proposal on how your company offers the best value and is the best qualified to do the job.

Performance Contract Terms and Conditions

Tender documents often contain a section that outlines the terms and conditions of the contract that will apply if you are the successful vendor. Make sure that you read and understand these terms and conditions as they are the legal terms that you will be bound to if successful.

Do not submit your own terms and conditions, qualifications, or purchase form/contract with your bid. This is a cause for rejection. If you have any questions about terms and conditions, address these concerns by asking questions to the Project Manager prior to tender closing.

Our terms and conditions are written in plain language, but they do address legal matters - if you are unclear about a specific clause, or have any other questions about the opportunity, do not hesitate to ask for clarification before the closing date.

Submitting your bid

Language - The language of business in the Yukon government is English. All submissions must be in English.

Closing date and time - The document will have a specific closing date and time for submissions. You are responsible for making sure that your submission is received before the stated date and time.

Submission methods - The tender documents will indicate how and where you must submit your bid. In the case of public tenders, all bids are submitted to the Procurement Support Centre either by courier, mail or in person. At this time Yukon government does not accept electronic submission of public tenders.

If you are bidding on an invitational tender, please read the document carefully to know how and where you can submit your bid/proposal, as this may differ from public tenders.

Signing your bid - To be legally binding, your submission must be signed by an individual who is an authorized person from your organization.

If you have questions about a tender opportunity

All tender opportunities will identify an official contact person. This is the person to contact with any questions you might have about that specific tender.

We encourage you to ask questions if you are uncertain about how the procurement process works, or if you are unclear about what is being purchased. We will consider each question individually. If the answer is one all vendors need to be aware of, we will provide both the question and answer to all vendors (through addendum), without identifying who asked the question.

Tender criteria

Each tender is unique, involving different mandatory and desirable requirements:

  • A mandatory requirement is one that must be met in order for your submission to be considered. If your submission is missing a mandatory requirement, it will not be evaluated further and you cannot be awarded a contract. Mandatory requirements are indicated by the word “must, will, shall” – for example, “bids must be received before 04:00:00pm on October 11".
  • A desirable requirement is one that should be met, but is not required to be met. If your submission does not address a desirable, it will be evaluated but will not score as well as one that does address the desirable. Desirable requirements are indicated by the word “should, may”- for example, “bids should describe relevant work experience".

After you submit a bid/proposal

How will I know if my bid/proposal was successful?

Successful bidders are notified when contracts are awarded. Contract award notifications are also published on the TMS for public tenders. The name of the successful bidder, term of the contract and the total bid price can be found on the public contract registry. In order to protect confidential vendor information, no further information regarding vendors will be disclosed.

What if my bid is unsuccessful?

All bidders or proponents are entitled to a debriefing of their results, whether they are successful or not. Please feel free to contact the project manager to participate in a debriefing.

Yukon government is committed to a fair, open and transparent procurement process that delivers best value to the taxpayer and is consistent with YG’s policies and trade agreement commitments, as well as Canadian law. Our procurement process does, however, involve competition among vendors for our business.

The competitive nature of public procurement can sometimes lead to disappointment and rejected bids. While YG would like to accept as many bids as possible to provide opportunities to vendors, it must also often act as referee in the competition to ensure that each bidder follows the tender requirements in order to maintain fairness and integrity of the bidding/ procurement process for all bidders.

Bid Challenge - Occasionally, vendors may feel that the process has not been conducted appropriately. If you submit a bid or proposal and have a complaint about how a tender was conducted or a contract awarded, you may choose to file a bid challenge.

A complaint can be registered up to sixty days after the tender closing date, or up to fifteen days following the award of a contract.

Prior to submitting a bid challenge, please try to resolve the situation with the project manager. If you do submit a bid challenge you will be asked if you had already been debriefed by the project manager.

How will I get paid?

How you will get paid may vary. The vast majority of payments made by the Yukon government for services and construction are by invoice and the timing will be as set out in the contract documents.

In most cases, you will submit an invoice upon conclusion of the service or construction. If you are providing services or construction over a longer period of time, however, you may be asked to submit invoices at scheduled milestone dates or at a certain frequency.

Payment is by cheque or — for vendors receiving multiple or recurring payments - through electronic funds transfer (EFT) directly into your bank account.

YG policy is to pay vendors within 30 days upon receipt of a satisfactory invoice. Construction projects payment may be set up differently. Please refer to the contract terms to determine how you will be paid.

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