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Procurement Methods (a guide to acronyms)

The Government of Yukon uses several different approaches to find the right suppliers of goods and services for its projects. The most common types are:

Expression of Interest (EOI)

An Expression of Interest may be used to obtain more information about a particular good or service. These services may be complex and not well understood.

Respondents to EOIs have an opportunity to educate and shape the solutions the department may require in the future.

EOIs also gives suppliers the opportunity to state they would be interested in competing for this work if an opportunity were to arise. EOI’s are not a legally binding agreement nor a promise of a contract. They are a form of market research.

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

RFQs are used to create lists of suppliers who are pre-qualified to bid on opportunities that may arise in the future.

RFQs are similar to RFPs in that you are asked to describe your skills, experience and qualifications, and your submission is evaluated against the stated evaluation criteria. However, submitting a successful RFQ does not automatically mean you will receive a contract: it simply means you are now eligible to be invited to bid in the next procurement stage or when a relevant project comes up.

RFQs are optional first steps in the procurement process. RFQs are not a legally binding agreement nor a promise of a contract.

Request for Bids (RFB)

RFBs are generally referred to as a “price driven” tender because once minimum standards are met, price is the determining factor in awarding a contract.

Typically this type of tender is used for construction-related services but it can be used for other types of products or services. This method follows a standard format, which describes the work to be done and requests pricing for specific components of the work.

The supplier with the lowest priced, technically acceptable tender, is awarded a contract for the project.

Request for Proposals (RFP)

RFPs are used for services when a procurement authority needs a vendor to propose a solution to a stated problem, need or objective and/or where the purchase decision is not solely based on price.

An RFP describes the project and the requirements, what information is required from you as the supplier, and how your proposal should be formatted.

It also includes the criteria which will be used to evaluate your proposal, such as experience, skills and expertise, methodology and price. Some criteria are more important than others, and are weighted or scored accordingly. For example, your proposed method may be worth 25 percent and experience may be worth 10 percent.

Your proposal must demonstrate how you can meet our requirements and fulfill our criteria.

The supplier whose proposal is compliant and delivers the highest overall value to the Government of Yukon is awarded a contract for the project.

Invitational Price Request

A fill-in-the-blanks form is used to purchase goods or services. The Invitational Price Request is intended for simple low-risk services and construction up to $75,000 where price is the only evaluation criteria. Requirements are described in the form and are used for low-risk projects.

The supplier whose quote fulfills our requirements at the lowest total price is usually awarded a contract for the project.

Invitational Request for Proposal

The Short Form RFP is intended for simple low-risk services up to $75,000 where the purchase decision is not solely based on price. It can only be used for invitational requests for proposals. It is a simplified document that asks for a simplified proposal.

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