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What is a "beta" service?

A Government of Yukon  “beta” is a new service or website that has been made available to the public, but is currently in testing mode. “Beta” websites and services are launched under the assumption that they will be continuously changed and improved upon.

Understanding how users interact with new services is essential in order to provide the best possible user experience.

Sometimes a beta service or website will be available at the same time as an older, existing one. In other situations, the new version will replace what was previously in its place, but it is still a “beta” because it is in testing mode.

The length of a time for a beta phase will depend on the scope of the service or website. During the beta period, Government of Yukon will conduct user research, measure performance and make improvements.

Government of Yukon is committed to delivering websites and online services that meet the needs of the public.

Beta services and websites follow our guidelines  for accessibility, security and privacy.