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eServices for Citizens

We are working to make government digital services simpler, clearer and faster.

How we do it

A better user experience

We design digital services that visibly improve the citizen's experience with government. We also follow government guidelines for accessibility, security and privacy.

An iterative, open approach

eServices for Citizens builds quickly, delivering working services that citizens can use. The services are measured and improved with ongoing user research. Citizens can also send feedback about their experience.

Consistently good services

We are working to establish a new, modern set of common digital technologies and techniques for the government. eServices for Citizens collaborates with departments to apply these standards to their work.

What we've done

Part of being iterative and open is to show our work as we go. To date, our results include services and websites at:



Send us your comments or questions

If you'd like to contact us, please send an email to eservices@gov.yk.ca. Government of Yukon is also on Twitter at @yukongov.