Highways and Public Works

Department Overview

Information and Communications Technology

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) branch provides valued, functional and cost-effective information management, information technology and telecommunications support for the delivery of services to the public and for internal government administration.  ICT consists of:

  • Development Services
  • eServices (including eServices for Citizens and Geomatics Yukon)
  • Technology Infrastructure and Operations
  • Corporate Information Management, ATIPP Office and Records Centre and Micrographics Unit

The primary purpose of ICT is to demonstrate responsible and visionary leadership in deploying and managing the government’s information resources. It does this by:

  • identifying opportunities for the strategic use and sharing of information and communications technology and information resources across government;
  • ensuring the continued availability and reliability of the government’s corporate information and communications technology infrastructure to meet the ongoing demands and expectations for government program delivery;
  • helping departments realize opportunities to improve their programs through the use of information management and information technology; and
  • ensuring public access to information and protection of privacy, as set out in legislation.