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New Commercial Vehicle Handbook

This guide provides information on the Commercial Vehicle Handbook.

It will help you develop and apply the smart driving skills needed to drive commercial vehicles safely.

New commercial drivers

This guide provides driving strategies to help you become a safe, competent commercial driver.

Experienced commercial drivers

Use this guide to review Yukon’s driving rules and regulations if you are new to Yukon, re-taking a test, or brushing up on your driving skills.

Getting the most from this guide

This guide is divided into several parts, so that you can quickly download the information you want to know.

 Table of Contents for the Commercial Vehicle Handbook    (5.3 MB)

Chapter 1: Getting your drivers licence    (3.8 MB)


Chapter 2: Heavy vehicle braking    


Chapter 3: Basic driving skills 


Chapter 4: Fuel efficient driving           

Chapter 5: Skills for driving trucks and trailers        


Chapter 6: Skills for driving buses, taxis and limousines       (3.1 MB)


Chapter 7: Hours of service requirements       (3.1 MB)


Chapter 8: Air brakes           


Chapter 9: Air brake adjustment        


Chapter 10:  Vehicle and air brake pre-trip inspections       (5.6 MB)


Chapter 11: Signs, signals and road markings       (4.4 MB) 


Chapter 12: For more information       (4.4 MB)