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Yukon Driver's Basic Handbook
This handbook contains information and strategies for people who want to: get a Yukon driver's licence, learn to safely operate cars and light trucks, and know how to be a responsible, law-abiding driver.
Tuning up for drivers Tuning up for drivers [5559.01 KB ]
Tuning up for drivers is designed for: Beginner drivers who want to learn to drive and get a driver’s,experienced, fully licensed drivers who are helping beginning and licensed drivers who are new to Yukon.
Learn to ride smart Learn to ride smart [18426.03 KB ]
Learn to ride smart contains the basic information you need to know to help you learn to ride safely. It will also help you prepare for the motorcycle knowledge test and the Class 6 road test.
Tuning up for riders Tuning up for riders [11869.43 KB ]
Tuning up for riders provides information for riders who want to learn to ride and get a motorcycle licence or licensed riders who are new to Yukon or those who just want to review their skills or experienced riders who are supervising new riders.
Commercial Vehicle Handbook
The Commercial Vehicles Handbook gives you the information you need to apply for a Class 1, 2, 3 or 4 commercial licence, or an air brake endorsement. To become a professional driver, you’ll need to learn and practice the skills described in this guide.
Airbrake Manual [2718.31 KB ]
The color illustrations on air brake components makes this publication one of Canada's most popular instructional tools on air brake knowledge. This book will show you about brakes and breaking, components, how the system works, trailer systems, duel air systems, and how to perform a pre-trip inspection.
Taking Your Medical Condition into Account [266.04 KB ]
Explains how your medical condition may affect your ability to hold a Yukon driver's licence. It provides information about how decisions are made about your ability to drive safely, the appeal process and contact information. A form is included to authorize the release of information about your medical condition.
Safety guidlines for use of 15-Passenger Van Safety guidelines for use of 15-Passenger Vans [1758.16 KB ]
This publication provides important safety information for transportation of students, personal and commercial use of 15 passengers vans.