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Secure Driver's Licence & General Identification Card

Yukon now offers both a secure driver’s licence and a secure general identification card so that all Yukon residents can have government-issued, secure ID.  It is convenient for travelling,
guards against identity theft and prevents tampering with photos and birth date.

Motor Vehicles produces and issues both of the new cards using a system that continues to safeguard Yukoners’ personal information. 
Since the application process to obtain the cards is secure, information on the cards is widely accepted wherever government-issued ID is required to prove identity, age and place of residence.

The general identification card is government-issued photo identification for Yukon residents of all ages, especially those who do not have a driver’s licence. The new identification card provides an option for those who want a secure proof-of-age card without applying for a secure driver’s licence.

When you apply for the new secure ID, be sure to bring all the documents you need with you. That way, Motor Vehicles staff can provide you with the fast, efficient service we all appreciate.


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