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The Property Management Division (PMD) is the primary agent involved in the planning, construction, operation & maintenance of facilities for the Government of Yukon. With over 200 employees, PMD offers such services as facilities planning, design, construction and leasing services to assist clients acquire appropriate and affordable buildings.

PMD is currently responsible for the operation and maintenance of over 480 government-owned buildings with the Yukon Territory worth, over $1 billion dollars, and provides oversight to approximately 52 leased buildings.

PMD also provides building and grounds maintenance, cleaning and security services. Our goal is to ensure the ongoing safety and comfort of Yukon government buildings.

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"To procure and manage facilities that will provide affordable, comfortable, and appropriate accommodation for government and publicly funded agencies’ program activities and to help them meet their objectives."

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Customer Service: An effective service has to be responsive to its customers, providing flexible, adaptable service that meets their needs, and even encourages them to view their needs for the services in innovative ways.

Bottom Line Results: The purpose of this value is to create an environment where staff are driven by the mission of PMD and bottom line results, instead of by rules, regulations, and special interests. It is the taxpayer who benefits when PMD manages resources more efficiently and improves the overall bottom line results.

Public Policy: The Property Management Division, as a branch of the Department of Highways & Public Works, must act within the current priorities of the Government of Yukon. As well, it must take into account the needs of its public stakeholders as well as the needs of its customers.

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Supporting Government of Yukon

The Property Management Division ensures that important partnerships between the department, government agencies, and external partners are in place to support the achievement of the Yukon’s long-term plan for infrastructure investment and strategic asset management objectives.

PMD continues to commit itself to increasing the branch’s capability to develop strategies for its customers aimed at ensuring that Government of Yukon departments are provided with the highest level of dedicated support possible.

External Stakeholders' Services:

  • PMD oversees building maintenance, repair and operational services.
  • PMD carries out leasing and lease administration on behalf of the Yukon government.
  • PMD manages major construction, repair and alteration projects on behalf of the Yukon government and therefore creates and keeps jobs within the territory.

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Core Services

Space Management:
Space planning
Project Delivery Management:
Operations management:
Planned Maintenance
User requested needs
Capital Asset Management:

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