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Design Standards for Government Facilities

Design Standards for Government Facilities

This publication documents performance criteria, preferred materials or methods, and other considerations for the design and construction of Yukon government buildings.

It is expected and hoped that comments, discussion and further research from the private and public sectors working in the Yukon will lead to revisions and additions that will keep the document current and relevant.

These standards and guidelines are not intended to supplement or lessen any mandatory Codes or Regulations.

Energy Performance Standards for Buildings

As directed in The Government of Yukon Climate Change Strategy published in July 2006, all Yukon Government new building construction and renovations will meet or exceed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Certified level of the Canada Green Building Council’s rating system.

As part of this same strategy, the Yukon Government will implement a comprehensive energy conservation program for existing buildings to meet or exceed the standards proposed by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC).

The CaGBC has embarked upon a multi-year development project to introduce the next generation of LEED® in Canada through the LEED® Canada Initiative.

In parallel to this effort, the CaGBC also launched the Green Building Performance Initiative — a focused effort to develop an affordable and easily accessible tool for energy and environmental management for new and existing buildings.

Our Intent:

Conditions peculiar to northern communities require an approach different from typical Canadian building industry practice with regard to specific products, systems, or methods.

Detailed studies or reference materials are referred to for interest only, and unless otherwise noted, do not constitute a part of these standards.

Development of Standards – Ongoing

These standards are published to assist the design and construction of publicly funded buildings. They must be referred to for new construction, additions, renovations or tenant improvements in leased facilities.

Design Consultants and Contractors are encouraged to help keep this document current and relevant by presenting alternatives or comments for consideration to Property Management.