Highways and Public Works

Department Overview

Supply Services

Supply Services Branch procures internal goods and services (such as central purchasing) for Yukon government departments.

Its objective is to obtain, at best value for money and in a timely manner, the goods and services required by departments.

The branch includes:

  • Asset Management, which maintains an inventory of Yukon government assets and manages the disposal of surplus items.
  • Central Stores, which stocks and ships commonly used supplies on behalf of government departments.
  • Acquisition and Planning Services, which buys goods (over $1,000) and transportation services for all government departments. The unit contracts for fixed wing or rotary aircraft charters and other transportation-related services such as third party rentals.
  • Queen's Printer Agency, which is the government's official publisher. The agency’s mission is to facilitate and provide visual communication solutions, including print services.
  • Fleet Vehicle Agency, which maintains a fleet of vehicles for use by government departments.
  • Travel Services, which assists government employees with travel arrangements including fare reservations, hotel bookings and auto rentals.
  • Mail Services, which offers internal and external pickup, delivery and processing services for all Yukon government departments and other government agencies in and around Whitehorse.