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Dawson City Ice Bridge

The Dawson City Ice Bridge is not currently open.

Updates are posted here and on Yukon511.ca.

Why an ice bridge?

The Dawson City Ice Bridge is open over the winter months to allow vehicle and pedestrian traffic to cross the Yukon River between Dawson City and West Dawson.

It allows Highways and Public Works to maintain the 3 subdivisions in West Dawson and to move equipment over the river in early March to open the Top of the World Highway, Clinton Creek and Sixty Mile Road.

When does the bridge open and when does it close?

Historically, the bridge is open annually to traffic from late November/December to April. However, this is entirely dependent on weather conditions.

Occasionally, the bridge may freeze over or break up significantly earlier or later in the season.

Highways and Public Works builds the bridge and ensures that it is maintained to a standard that allows traffic to cross safely.

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