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Overdimensional Vehicle Trip Permits

There are two different Overdimensional Vehicle Trip Permits. One is a single trip permit and the other is a multiple trip permit.

A single trip or multiple-trip overdimensional vehicle permit is required for all vehicles that exceed legal limits established by Highway Regulation, Section 18(1) which refers to the overall dimensions for each vehicle type listed in Highway Regulations, Schedule 2, Part 1 – Dimension Limits. This means that these permits may be issued for vehicles, buses and farm vehicles or implements. There are a few exceptions to this overdimensional vehicle permit, as listed below:: 
(a) fire-fighting equipment or other equipment driven by or for government, in response to an emergency or
(b) Vehicles registered as farm vehicles under the Motor Vehicles Act, or are towed farm implements exempt from registration under the Motor Vehicles Act, and are being driven between one half hour before sunrise and one half hour after sunset.

Permits may be issued at Weigh Stations, at roadside inspection sites, by phone or fax.

Carriers wanting to move several overdimensional loads may choose to purchase a Multiple Trip Permit. The application for these permits may be approved only if driving the vehicle on the highway will be safe, and will not cause excessive damage to the highway. Highway Regulations 19(1)

Overdimensional Vehicle Single Trip Permit information

Overdimensional Vehicle Multiple Trip Permit information