Highways and Public Works

Weigh Station Exemption Permits

Highways Regulations require all commercial vehicles over 4500 kilos to report to a weigh station within city limits. We recognize that requiring local vehicles to repeatedly report is a inconvenience for industry and is unnecessary and costly to both government and industry.

A provision was added to allow a special Weigh Station Reporting Exemption Permits to be issued with specific terms and conditions when the Minister determines that it would be both safe and not cause excess road damage for the carrier to operate and regularly bypass the weigh station when operating within 20 kms of a weigh station.

There were also provisions added to the Highways Regulations which allow the Minister to:

  • Refuse to issue a permit when the carrier has failed to demonstrate compliance with other permits or legislation/regulations relating to transportation, or when the carrier has not paid fees or fines owing to YTG.
  • Cancel a permit for non-compliance with permit conditions or with provisions of the Highways Act or Highways Regulations.

These provisions ensure that only compliant carriers are provided with the opportunity to qualify for this permit, and that they remain compliant even after getting the permit.

The application for a Weigh Station Exemption Permit is now available online.