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Weight Restrictions History

Yukon government has a responsibility to ensure the road surface is not damaged and that travellers can use the roads to get safely to their destinations.

Spring weight restrictions are set based on scientific information and observed road conditions.

Why Do We Need Spring Weight Restrictions?

Spring weight restrictions are necessary to help protect highways from damage which can cause untimely and expensive delays for the transportation industry, and the public who rely on the road network.

Weight restrictions also help to avoid higher road maintenance costs as well as vehicle wear and tear.

In order to minimize damage to road surfaces, axle weights must be reduced during the spring thaw period. Damaged road surfaces cause delays and extra costs for highway maintenance and vehicle wear and tear.

When to Impose Weight Restrictions

Weight restrictions are based on the thaw rates of the road structure and the observed condition of the road surface.

As the frost line moves deeper below the road surface, different weight restrictions are recommended until the frost line is deep enough for moisture to escape and the soil to regain its strength:

  • 100% restrictions are imposed when ambient temperatures are such that surface thawing is present and roadway surfaces show signs of distress.
  • On non-structural highways, 75% load restrictions are recommended when thermistor readings indicate thaw to 0.3 m below road surface.
  • Removal of load restrictions below 100% is recommended when the thermistor readings indicate thaw to 1.0 m below the road surface.
  • Removal of all load restrictions is recommended when the thermistor readings indicate thaw to 1.4 m below the road surface.

These recommendations are considered in conjunction with observed road surface conditions in making a decision when to impose or lift restrictions. Full-strength structural roads such as the reconstructed Alaska Highway, the South Klondike Highway and the Haines Road are typically not restricted below 100% of legal axle weights.

Historical Weight Restriction Dates

In order to accommodate the long-distance nature of heavy truck traffic travelling through Yukon, 48 hours notice is provided via internet, radio and fax before imposing weight restrictions.

Restrictions are subject to change on short notice. If you have any questions regarding changes to upcoming weight restrictions please call (867) 667-5452 or email highways@gov.yk.ca.

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