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Child Car Seat Safety

Keep Your Children Safe

 *The most common mistake is graduating your child to the next car seat stage too early.

Keep children rear-facing as long as possible.

Many injuries and fatalities can be prevented by properly securing children in a correctly installed car seat.

Highways and Public Works provides drivers with tools and information to keep all children safe while traveling.

Note: the limits on the stages are set MINIMUMS.



What you should know before buying a car seat or a booster seat.


Stage One:  Rear-facing infant/child seat
For newborn infants up to 10 kg (22 lb) and walking unassisted (Usually 1 year of age) .


 Click here to watch video  
           Guide to Installing a Rear-Facing Car Seat       

Stage Two: Forward-facing child seat  
Must be over 10 kg (22 lb) and walking unassisted (Usually 1 year of age).


 Click here to watch video
       Guide to Installing a Forward-Facing Car Seat



Stage Three: Booster seat
Child must weigh over 22 kg (48 lb) in the Yukon 




Stage Four: Forward-facing seat
Must be  145 cm tall (4'9") or 45 kg (100 lb)



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Please refer to our brochure for more detailed information on the car seat stages.


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