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Application Process for National Safety Code Program

What is the NSC application used for?

  • The NSC application is required in order to receive a Safety Fitness Rating Certificate that is mandatory for all carriers.
  • The Certificate confirms that a carrier meets minimum standards of carrier fitness and is a prerequisite to obtaining commercial vehicle registration in Yukon. This Certificate is recognized across Canada.
  • A carrier's compliance with this program is monitored through vehicle inspections, facility audits, reportable accidents and violations, all of which are given points in a fashion similar to the demerit point system for drivers. This information is contained in the carrier profile. The evaluation and point system process takes into consideration a carrier's average fleet size.

To apply for a Certificate, carriers must complete an application form and provide specific information about the operation, its vehicles, and its drivers. The information required includes:

  • Proof of valid and adequate insurance
  • Articles of incorporation listing the corporate office, if applicable
  • If not incorporated, partnership registration and driver's licence number of all principals
  • Current fleet size
  • A declaration stating the motor carriers's commitment to compliance with all appropriate highway safety laws (Declaration is printed on application form)
  • Application fee of $50.00

Please Note: All documentation must display exactly the same company name.

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