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Safety Fitness Rating

The heart of the NSC program is the Safety Fitness Rating Certificate. The NSC Safety Fitness Rating Certificate will be mandatory for all carriers. The certificate confirms that a carrier meets minimum standards of carrier fitness and will become a prerequisite to obtaining commercial vehicle registration in the Yukon. 

This Certificate is recognized across Canada.


A carrier's compliance with this program will be monitored through vehicle inspections, facility audits, reportable accidents and violations, all of which are given points in a fashion similar to the demerit point system for drivers.

This information will be contained in the carrier profile. The evaluation and pointing process takes into consideration a carrier's average fleet size.


When a carrier's safety performance falls below an acceptable level, the carrier will be sanctioned. The first two sanction levels consist of warning letters.

If the carrier's performance does not improve, a written notification is sent to the carrier, stating that its safety rating has been downgraded from "Satisfactory" or "Satisfactory - Unaudited" to "Conditional".

The carrier will be given certain conditions that have to be met in order to regain its former rating. Should the performance of the carrier not improve or even deteriorate further, the carrier must then attend a show-cause hearing to explain why its safety rating should not be downgraded to "Unsatisfactory".

A "Conditional" rating could result in restrictions being placed on the carrier's operation. An "Unsatisfactory" rating will result in suspension or cancellation of the carrier's certificate and the right to operate a commercial vehicles in the Yukon.

All Canadian jurisdictions will be notified when a carrier is downgraded to "Conditional" or "Unsatisfactory".


An appeal board has been established to allow carriers to appeal sanctions.

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