Highways and Public Works

National Safety Code Standards

The National Safety Code Standards are administered by Canada Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) www.ccmta.ca

Standards 1-6, and 8 are legislated under the Motor Vehicles Act and are administered by the Motor Vehicles Office. Standards 7 and 9-15 are regulations under the Motor Vehicles Act as of May 1, 2008 and are administered by the National Safety Code Office in the Transport Services Branch of the Department of Highways and Public Works.

  1. Single Driver License Concept
  2. Knowledge and Performance Test
  3. Driver Examiner Training Program  
  4. Classified Driver Licence System 
  5. Self-Certification Standard and Procedures 
  6. Medical Standards for Drivers 
  7. Carrier & Driver Profile 
  8. Short Term Suspensions 
  9. Hours of Service Regulations 
    Interprovincial  Regulations Implementation Update
  10. Cargo Securement 
  11. Commercial Vehicle Maintenance PMVI
  12. CVSA on Road Inspections   
  13. Trip Inspections
    Schedule of Provincial Implementation
    Interpretation Guide/ Q&A
  14. Safety Rating 
  15. Facility Audits 
  16. First Aid Training