Highways and Public Works

Department Overview

What we do

The Department of Highways and Public Works is responsible for ensuring safe and efficient public highways, airstrips, buildings and information systems.

We work with departments and the private sector to provide high quality services in the following areas:

  • design, construction, development, maintenance and regulation of safe and efficient transportation systems and services for the Yukon;
  • building construction, renovations, maintenance, security, grounds keeping and custodial services;
  • central registry of all government capital assets and disposal of all surplus government property; contact: Asset Control
  • contracting with the private sector;
  • government information systems and IT services
  • leasing of private sector office and warehouse space;
  • purchasing of goods;
  • Queen's Printer, printing and duplicating services;
  • risk management;
  • Records Management, ATIPP (Access to Information and the Protection of Privacy), Records Centre facilities and Micrographic Services
  • vehicles, travel and accommodation arrangements;