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The Department of Highways and Public Works is responsible for ensuring safe and efficient public highways, airstrips, buildings and information systems.

George Black Ferry Final Sailing of Season

The George Black Ferry’s final sailing date has yet to be determined, but it will likely take place during the last week in October.

The ferry must be removed from the river while the water level is high enough to allow for safe removal and before the ice begins to accumulate on the river.

The time frame for the final sailing will be determined based on an assessment of the conditions. Once the date is set, we will update 511yukon.ca so that users can make the necessary arrangements.

Know the Road

The road is wider than you think... by about 30 to 45 metres on either side of the center line. It’s called a right-of-way, and it is all part of the highway corridor—land set aside for purposes of highway safety and maintenance.

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2014 Construction Season

Current Road Conditions

For current/up to date information on road conditions, advisories, closures and weight restrictions, visit 511yukon.ca.

Upcoming Highway/Road Construction Work

To find out about future planned highway/road/bridge construction work, see our construction forecast.