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1. How much does it cost to register my car?

The fees start at $42.00 per year for a small car and will increase with the size of vehicle. If you need the specific amount before going to a Motor Vehicles office, please call ahead and your fee will be calculated by a Motor Vehicles clerk.

2. What documents do I need to register my vehicle?

If it's a brand new vehicle you will need the NVIS (New Vehicle Information Statement), the signed & dated bill of sale and proof of insurance.

If it's a second hand Yukon owned vehicle you will need the signed & dated bill of sale and proof of insurance.

If it is a second hand OUT of Yukon vehicle, you will need a signed & dated bill of sale, the previous registration and valid insurance.

If you want to register a re-built vehicle you will need the above and a completed mechanical inspection form. You must make every effort to have the proper documents that tie the previous registered owner to your purchase.

3. I am buying a vehicle down south. How do I get it back to the Yukon?

There are three basic ways to do this:

a) You can register your newly purchased vehicle via fax once you get all of the required documentation. This seems like the fastest way, but can become delayed by communication problems.

b) You can purchase a permit from the jurisdiction you bought the vehicle in and any subsequent jurisdiction you may be traveling through. Once you get to the Yukon, you can purchase a temporary permit from the Watson Lake Scales or the Territorial Agent at the Watson Lake Liquor Store. (This process can be long and costly in regards to the insurance requirements).

c) If you already own a vehicle registered in the Yukon, (this we find is the simplest method.) you need to:

Remove the plate from your currently registered vehicle and take it with you (along with the registration belonging to that plate) to where you are going to be purchasing your new vehicle. Once you have a completed bill of sale advise your insurance company that you will need insurance for the new purchase. When the insurance company has issued you an insurance card (a faxed copy will suffice) you can put your plate onto the new vehicle and drive it back to the Yukon.

IMPORTANT: You ONLY have 14 days from the date of the bill of sale to change over your registration.