Highways and Public Works

Rural Road Maintenance Program (RRMP)

RRMP Application Form
RRMP Guidelines
School Bus Protocol

Under this program, Yukoners are able to request maintenance of public rural roads, which are not currently maintained, that meet the criteria set in the policy.

The School Bus Protocol explains how the Department of Education reviews and approves requests requiring changes to school bus routes in Whitehorse.

RRMP Policy Goal

The Yukon government is committed to providing maintenance, when monies have been appropriated, to public rural roads in a fair, equitable and cost effective manner.

RRMP Policy Objectives

1. To provide rural road maintenance where feasible as one of the basic services covered by property taxes.

2. To ensure that maintenance of any one rural road is not subsidized to the extent that it is unfair to other property owners throughout Yukon.

3. To provide a road maintenance service where appropriate and feasible under a Third Party Equipment Rental Agreement for rural property owners otherwise not eligible for fully funded government maintenance service.


Contact Transportation Maintenance

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