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Through Freight Permit

A Through Freight Permit temporarily registers a vehicle in the Yukon to haul or escort goods through the Yukon only.

This permit is issued when a commercial vehicle does not have a valid Yukon vehicle registration and is transporting goods through the Yukon. There can be no picking up or discharging of goods within the Yukon. This permit is valid for a ONE WAY TRIP only. Cost is $60.00. Motor Vehicles Act Regulations 15(1)(i).

Escort vehicles are also issued this permit when they have no valid Yukon registration and are escorting a load through the Yukon. Cost is $60.00.

Application process

This permit is completed and issued by a Carrier Compliance Officer at either the Whitehorse or Watson Lake Weigh Station; therefore no application form is available to fill out.

When applying for this permit, the applicant will be required to supply the following information before the permit will be issued.

  • Copy of valid vehicle insurance
  • Copy of valid vehicle registration
  • Valid driver’s licence