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Axle Lift Trailer Permit

When Yukon implemented its Highway Regulations in 2002, it banned lift axles as load bearing axles unless they were eligible to be grandfathered.

Since that time there have been significant improvements in lift axle design on trailers.  A number of manufactures are now manufacturing new trailers or retrofitting older trailers with a new generation of lift axles.  These axles connect into the trailer air system and automatically lower when weight is added to the trailer and these axles cannot be lifted once the trailer is loaded.

Industry would like to use trailers equipped with axle lift devices because they improve fuel economy and reduce tire wear on axles that can be raised.  Aside from financial savings, these axles are also considered environmentally friendly. 

Yukon has evaluated these new lift axles and will issue permits to trailers equipped with these new lift axles. 

The application for an Axle Lift Trailer Permit is now available.